Web Design and Development

We bring your design vision and ideas to your website.

Web Development

Web Development means designing, building, and evolving all types of web software. Having a good website is one of the most necessary parts for almost all businesses existing in this era.

With more than 100s of happy clients, Digitic Nepal delivers intuitive and fast websites or other web solutions to provide digital transformation to your business and maximize your profit. Our flexible pricing model helps small and large all sizes of businesses to transform digitally and enhance their digital presence.

Digitic Nepal
Digitic Nepal

E-Commerce Web Development

An effective eCommerce website helps you skyrocket your sales like never before.  Many businesses don’t understand the power of a good eCommerce website. It not only help your business to improve your digital presence and brand look premium but also helps to increase your sales, make your social media advertisement effective, and ultimately skyrocket your sales.

We provide you most effective eCommerce website design, our integrity, commitment to excellence can gurantee that you get your fully customized eCommerce website on time.

News Portal Web Development

One of the most booming industries in Nepal is the news and media industry.  With a good news portal, your company can generate an ultimate number of ads that do not increase the bounce rate of your website.

Our introductory level news portal package already includes responsive web design, basic SEO tasks, sitemap for SEO and easy navigation experience, multilingual support, and many more. Our expert web developers will help you design your news portal website with full commitment to excellence and on-time delivery.

Digitic Nepal
Digitic Nepal

Corporate Website Development

A well-branded, professionally designed corporate website means setting your business apart from your competitors. A fully optimized and easy-to-navigate website will brand your business like never before.

Every corporate website we design is custom designed and developed to meet the needs and goals of your business company. Our custom and creative design, mobile and tablet-optimized corporate web design will result in far-reaching effects on your success in the marketplace.


We have a team, specializing in diverse coding languages and platforms working under different industries. So, whether you need a website for eCommerce, news portal, corporate business, custom application, we can help you in the best possible manner. Our 100s of previous clients have trusted us and got a satisfactory result, now it’s your time to design and make your site the best looking, highly optimized, and fully functional.

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