Best IT Companies in Nepal

Information Technology companies are driving innovation around the world. Technology is the fastest-growing industry in every country. Information Technology is a rapidly growing industry in Nepal as well. Nepalese people are also slowly getting aware of technology. Various technical innovations are helping people to do their daily work faster and easier. Different types of cloud technology and the Internet are offering a wide variety of options through SAAS (Software as a service).

If you’re in search of the best IT companies in Nepal. You are just at the right place.

Here is the list of the best IT companies in Nepal.

Digitic Nepal

IT Companies in Nepal

Digitic Nepal is an IT support, software development, and marketing solutions agency based in Shantinagar, Kathmandu, founded in early 2021. Digitic Nepal is an integrated marketing, web design, SEO, and business development company. Digitic Nepal IT company is full of experts when it comes to handling and managing projects. The company focuses on business processes and software projects. This company adopts the latest and most remarkable technologies to support the business strategist.

Digitic Nepal has over 100 experienced and qualified professionals working together to achieve the trust and respect of the valuable customer. Digitic Nepal has gained a lot of praise for its quality service in marketing, designing, developing, and testing applications.

The various work performed by this company are listed below:

  • Web application and software design
  • Social media management
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Design

Verisk Nepal

IT Companies in Nepal

Verisk Nepal is an IT company in Nepal situated in hattisar, Kathmandu, that operates a subsidiary of IOS, a risk analysis business. This company started its service in 2009 in Nepal. Verisk has over 300 experienced and qualified professionals and customers working together to achieve the goal. This company is a leading IT support that has helped to develop the IT industry of Nepal.

Visit Nepal is the best company to approach for any digital marketing and application development across the Kathmandu valley.

The various work performed by this company are listed below:

  • Application and software development
  • 24/7 information technology
  • Business operation support and risk analysis
  • Software quality control
  • Data processing, analysis, reporting
  • UI/UX designs

Deerwalk Inc

IT Companies in Nepal

Deerwalk is a US-based IT company in Nepal situated in Kathmandu, founded in 2010, and now known as Deerhold. This company focus on types of analytical calculation such as population health management, big data management, health analysis, etc. Deerwalk is working in analytical calculation and data management since 2010. Deerwalk is a private company. Deerwalk offers Big data and NoSQL products and third-party administration, brokers, consultants, health plans, employers and providers, and responsible care organization care and wellness management companies.

Deerwalk works with more than 300 employees around the world including the technical campus located in Kathmandu.

The various work performed by this company are listed below:

  • Data storage
  • Health risk analysis
  • Modelling the plan design
  • Population and health management
  • Software development
  • Data management and health plans

Agile IT solution

IT Companies in Nepal

Agile IT solution is the ‘go-to’ software development company in Nepal, which focuses on software development and internet marketing services. Clients are connected through this company all over the world. Agile IT Solutions has been listed as the best influential ” IT office in Nepal”. Agile IT solution offers On-page SEO and Off-page SEO techniques. This IT company also provides services related to outsourcing. This IT solution supports the client in the digital transformation journey.

Agile IT solution provides a full range of ERP, CRM, and BI services for implementation to support and development of IT solutions.

The various work performed by this company are listed below:

  • Business intelligence
  • ERP (Dynamic 365 business central management)
  • CRM(Dynamic 365 business central management)
  • Digital transformation

Leapfrog Technology Inc

IT Companies in Nepal

Leapfrog technology Inc is another fastest growing and leading IT company founded in 2010 in Nepal leading Nepali people in the field of health care and artificial intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence, the solution Leapfrog helps to grow your business. If you are searching for digital health care in Nepal Leapfrog is the most trusted company to execute digital services and vision. Leapfrog technology has installed a cultural service and improvement of services across the Nepalese community by updating and validating their skills and technologies.

The main aim of Leapfrog technology is to bank the rural area of Nepal via mobile banking and expand their services in educational, financial technology, and health care.

The various work performed by this company are listed below:

  • Al solutions
  • Mobile application development
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Medical devices
  • Data Engineering

    Cloud Factory

    IT Companies in Nepal

    Cloud Factory is an IT company in Nepal that is founded in 2010 has 100 members across Nepal and offers machine learning service and data processing services. Cloud factory has more than 170 trusted clients. This company mainly focus on the development of AI project and software. This company has branches in the country like united state, united kingdom including Nepal.

    This company is operating in Nepal with a large number of expert team members and upgraded technologies.

    The various work performed by this company are listed below:

    • Data processing
    • Machine learning
    • Business operations

    Log point

    IT Companies in Nepal

    Log point is the IT solution company of Nepal that provides services related to security issues in the world of Information Technology. This company focuses on accelerating the ability of customers to build, manage, and transform their business into a digital world. Log point provides advanced analytical calculation and Artificial intelligence automation and capabilities to the customers to secure and securely upgrade their business without security traffics.

    The various work performed by this company are listed below:

    • Security information and event management
    • Cybersecurity
    • Software development

    Fusemachines Inc

    IT Companies in Nepal

    Fusemachine Inc is one of the leading IT companies founded in 2017 in Nepal having more than 240 employees globally.

    This company offers Al educational sites and educational program sites online for students and businesses too.

    This company believes in and aims to create different services and products in combination with data science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.

    Fusemachine is now also conducting a classroom training program in fusion with AI in the online platform.

    The various work performed by this company are listed below:

    • Web development
    • Software development
    • AI solutions
    • Al training programs
    • IOS application


    IT Companies in Nepal

    Yomari is a private company founded in 1997 and has been serving cutting-edge technology consulting services in information management systems to international and national organizations. Yomari helps the company to manage its information and valuable data through a data warehouse and solution-based different kinds of portals.

    This company helps you to succeed in your work and achieve your goals and dedication by implementing a sophisticated web-based information system.

    The various work performed by this company are listed below:

    • Personalization of application
    • Improvement of function
    • Design and development of custom software
    • Web-based application design
    • Business process automation

    Worldlink Communications

    IT Companies in Nepal

    Worldlink Communication is the largest internet and network service provider in Nepal founded in 1995. Worldlink communication believes in the quality of its work. This company is one of the leading IT companies in Nepal. The main objective of this company is to provide internet service across the country.

    The experience and knowledge of this company allow us to offer professional and personal solutions for clients. This communication solution offers solutions that adapt to the different budgets and needs of current and potential both kind of clients.


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